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IMT Centre for Distance Learning (IMT CDL)

IMT Centre for Distance Learning (IMT CDL) is a leading institution in India offering distance education programs in management and related fields. Established by the prestigious Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, IMT CDL provides a wide range of courses including postgraduate diploma programs in management, business administration, and other specialized areas. The institute is known for its quality education, industry-relevant curriculum, and experienced faculty members, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for students across the country.

Assignments at IMT CDL are an integral part of the learning process, designed to assess students’ understanding of management concepts, analytical skills, and ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. These assignments are structured to encourage critical thinking, research, and problem-solving abilities among students, helping them develop the skills necessary for success in the corporate world. By completing assignments on time and meeting the assessment criteria set by IMT CDL, students demonstrate their proficiency in management concepts and readiness for managerial roles in diverse industries.

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Download FREE IMT CDL Solved Assignment For All Courses – 2016-17 / 2017-18/ 2018-19/ 2019-20/ 2020-21/ 2021-22/ 2022-23/ 2023-24

IMT CDL Solved Assignment 2023-24/2024-25

Management Process OrganizationMarketing in ActionAdvertising & Sales Promotion
Working Capital ManagementBusiness CommunicationManaging People
Human Resource ManagementOrganizational Structure & BehaviourProduction & Operation Management
International TradeInternational MarketingExport Finance & Documentation
Indian Foreign TradeManagerial EconomicsInventory Control & Management
Quantitative TechniquesOperation ResearchProject Management
Sales & Distribution ManagementWeb TechnologyData Base Management System
Marketing ManagementIndian Financial ServiceCapital Market
Computer Aided ManagementBusiness EthicsConsumer Behaviour
Manufacturing StrategiesBusiness LawTotal Quality Management
Strategic ManagementFinancial AccountingManagement Accounting
Management AccountingFinancial ManagementTraining & Development
Corporate FinanceStrategic HRDLeadership
Labor LawManagement Information SystemLogistics & Supply Chain Management
Marketing of Service IndustryRural MarketingExport Planning and Procedure
Managing HRBrand ManagementIndustrial Marketing
E-BusinessRetail ManagementRisk Management
Security SolutionsBusiness Research MethodsInformation Technology Management

How to Make IMT CDL Assignment?

Here’s a guide on tackling an IMT CDL assignment:

1. Locate and Understand the Assignment:

  • Source: IMT CDL assignments are typically found within your Self Learning Material (SLM) or downloaded from the IMT CDL student portal (
  • Assignment Details: Identify the specific assignment you need based on your course and semester. Look for details like:
    • Subject title
    • Course code
    • Due date
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2. IMT CDL Assignment Guidelines:

  • Assignment Format: While there isn’t a single webpage for assignment guidelines, IMT CDL provides some resources:
    • Sample Cover Page and Answer Sheet: You can find a downloadable format for the cover page and answer sheet on the IMT CDL YouTube channel ( This includes details like your name, enrollment number, course details, and signature.
  • General Instructions: These might be included within the assignment itself, the SLM, or announced by your faculty.
  • Here are some general pointers based on available information:
    • Topic Selection: You might have the option to choose a specific number of topics from a set provided in the assignment.
    • Answer Length: There might not be a specific word limit, but focus on providing comprehensive answers that address the requirements.
    • Presentation:
      • Use A4 sized paper.
      • Maintain neat handwriting and clear presentation.
      • Consider including diagrams, graphs, or illustrations if relevant to enhance your answers (check specific instructions if allowed).

3. Research and Complete the Assignment:

  • Gather Information: Use the IMT CDL SLMs, recommended textbooks, credible online sources, or libraries to research the assignment topic.
  • Answer the Questions: Address each question comprehensively using your research and understanding. Provide clear and well-explained answers.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: Don’t copy directly from your resources. Use your own words and paraphrase information while providing citations if needed (check preferred referencing style).
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4. Proofreading and Submission:

  • Proofread: Carefully review your work for any grammatical errors or typos before submission.
  • Submission Format: Ensure your assignment follows the format mentioned in the instructions (e.g., cover page, answer sheet).
  • Deadline: Submit your assignments before the deadline set by IMT CDL.
    • You can submit them online through the student portal if available, or by post to your designated study center.

Avoid using assignment solving services advertised online. These can be unreliable and might lead to plagiarism issues. Focus on completing the assignment based on your understanding and research to ensure academic integrity.

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