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NIOS SECONDARY (10th Class ) Solved Assignment

NIOS Solved Assignment for 10th Class 2023-24 [TMA]

  1. Hindi (201) Solved Assignments [TMA] 2023-24
  2. English (202) Solved Assignments [TMA] 2023-24
  3. Mathematics (211) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  4. Mathematics (211) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  5. Science & Technology (212) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  6. Science & Technology (212) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  7. Social Science (213) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  8. Social Science (213) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  9. Economics (214) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  10. Economics (214) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  11. Business Studies (215) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  12. Business Studies (215) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  13. Home Science (216) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  14. Home Science (216) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  15. Psychology (222) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  16. Psychology (222) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  17. Indian Culture and Heritage (ICH) (223)  Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  18. Indian Culture and Heritage (ICH) (223)  Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  19. Accountancy (224) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  20. Accountancy (224) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  21. Painting (225) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  22. Painting (225) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  23. Data Entry Operations (229) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  24. Data Entry Operations (229) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  25. Indian Sign Language (230) Solved Assignments [TMA] 2023-24
  26. Hindustani Sangeet (242) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  27. Hindustani Sangeet (242) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  28. Carnatic Sangeet (243) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  29. Carnatic Sangeet (243) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  30. Folk Art (244) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  31. Folk Art (244) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  32. Entrepreneurship (249) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  33. Entrepreneurship (249) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  34. Employability Skills (250) Solved Assignments [TMA] English Medium 2023-24
  35. Employability Skills (250) Solved Assignments [TMA] Hindi Medium 2023-24
  36. Natyakala (285) Solved Assignments [TMA] 2023-24
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