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Annamalai University

Annamalai University is a renowned institution based in Tamil Nadu, India, known for its comprehensive range of programs across various disciplines. Established in 1929, the university has grown to become one of the largest residential universities in Asia, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses in fields such as arts, science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, and more. Annamalai University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is known for its quality education, research initiatives, and emphasis on holistic development.

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Assignments at Annamalai University are an essential component of the academic curriculum, designed to assess students’ understanding of course material, critical thinking abilities, and application of knowledge. These assignments are carefully crafted to challenge students intellectually, encouraging them to delve deep into their subjects and develop analytical and problem-solving skills. By completing assignments with diligence and meeting deadlines, students demonstrate their academic prowess and readiness for professional challenges in their chosen fields.

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Annamalai University Solved Assignment 2023-24/2024-25

M.B.A. I year I Semester

M.B.A. II year (Annual Pattern)



Sociology I Semester

Political Science & Public Administration I Semester

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Economics I Semester

English I Semester

Mathematics I Semester

B.Ed. First Semester

B. Ed. Second Year (Annual)

Master of Computer Applications First Semester

Language First Semester

How to Make Annamalai Assignment?

Here’s a guide on how to make an Annamalai University assignment:

1. Understand the Assignment:

  • Source: Annamalai University assignments are typically included within your course booklet or downloaded from the Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) Students Login Portal ([invalid URL removed]).
  • Assignment Details: Locate the specific assignment you need based on your course and semester. Look for details like:
    • Subject code
    • Course name
    • Due date

2. Annamalai University Assignment Guidelines:

  • Student User Manual: Download and refer to the Annamalai University “Student User Manual” for a comprehensive understanding of assignment submission and formatting ( while this isn’t Annamalai specific, it covers similar concepts). This manual covers aspects like downloading assignments, formatting requirements, and submission deadlines.
  • Specific Instructions: The assignment itself or the course booklet might have specific instructions for that particular assignment. Pay close attention to any unique requirements or answer formats mentioned.

3. Research and Complete the Assignment:

  • Gather Information: Use the Annamalai University study materials, recommended textbooks, or credible online sources to research the assignment topic.
  • Answer the Questions: Address each question comprehensively using your research and understanding. Provide clear and well-explained answers.
  • Formatting: Follow the formatting guidelines mentioned in the Annamalai University Student User Manual or the specific assignment instructions. This might include aspects like margins, font size, and referencing style (e.g., APA).
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4. Presentation and Submission:

  • Presentation: Ensure your work is neat, well-organized, and easy to read. You can choose to:
    • Handwritten: Use A4 sized paper and write in blue or black ink (unless otherwise specified).
    • Typed (if allowed): If allowed, use a word processor and maintain a professional layout.
  • Proofread: Carefully review your work for any grammatical errors or typos before submission.

5. Uploading the Assignment (if applicable):

  • Deadline: Ensure you upload your assignment before the deadline set by Annamalai University. Late submissions might be penalized.
  • Annamalai University DDE Login Portal: Access the Annamalai University DDE Students Login Portal ([invalid URL removed]) and log in with your credentials.
  • Assignment Upload (if applicable): Locate the section for uploading assignments and follow the instructions provided. You might need to upload your assignment as a PDF document.

By following these steps and referring to the official Annamalai University resources, you can ensure your assignments are well-prepared, formatted correctly, and submitted within the designated timeframe.

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